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Meet Justin

Once you have a vision, you have to make a decision

Justin Timbershake


Motivational Speaker

Life Coach

In life, you have many choices, different roads you can follow, dreams that you envision. It's the everyday task of breathing, but how do you take that breath? It's the fuel of your soul that creates the world around you every single day. That's the cover of your book that everyone sees. Don't be afraid to start writing your book. Make your front page as glorious and beautiful as you are. Your future is defined as much as you define it...

A high school drop out, parents divorced when I was young, owned retail businesses then worked for Corporate America for many years, on a reality TV show for TLC, but I found myself working a dead end job. Not knowing when my next promotion was going to be or the next 5 years where I would end up. Have you ever felt that way?

I made a decision, don't let someone else's vision of what wasn't possible for them become what's not possible for you. Sometimes failing to get your goals gives you your destiny. You have to sacrifice who you are for what you are to become. In that moment, I realized the quality of my life was the quality of my communication with myself and I changed it, but I constantly changed it in many areas of my life.

What are you doing right now that might be a liability for you? Let the past go, so you can grow!

When you value others, you become of value yourself. John C Maxwell once said, "You will never be the same person after a defining moment"


I want to help you make this a life changing moment for you. You can live a life by default, or live a life by design. Don't wait for the ideal situation, it will NEVER be ideal. 

Justin Timbershake LAFW los angeles fash
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