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It's not over, until I WIN! 

There's something you've got to resolve within you. There's something you have to convince yourself of EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Say this to yourself every day, "As long as I'm breathing, I've got a shot at my dream."

"It's not over until I win. It's not over, until I WIN!"

That's the way I started to see a shift in my quality of life. That's the way I started to see a shift in my quality of life.

Not over till I get through, it's not over till I get over, it's not over till I get what I want. Doors won't open today, look out I'll come back and take the hinges off. That's how you've got to do it, you've got to have that kind of courage, that type of determination if you want to make it happen. It's you, but you've got to take personal responsibility to make it happen. You have got to own what it is that you want to do. If it's taking care of your well-being, if it's making a difference in our school system, if it's working with senior citizens, if it's to protect our planet, if its to create an economic renaissance, if it's just to take yourself to another level, it's you. You've got to make that happen. We can point out many things that can make it inconvenient or can slow us down, but ultimately, it's on us.

Next step is not only is it possible, not only is it necessary, it's you to live your dream to make this this greatness that you have within you become a reality. But what I've come to appreciate when you're working on changing your life, it's changing some bad habit or getting out of addictive situations or relationships or working to build a dream or making a difference in our society or learning something that's very challenging.

Here's what I realized ladies and gentlemen and I developed a great deal of respect for it...

It's hard. Easy, is not an option. It's hard living, life is hard.

It's hard when you're forty nine years old and working on a job for 17 years and they come in and tell you you're finished and give you a one week severance pay and you have to start all over again. It's hard when you are married and raising children and your children are crawling and your husband dies unexpectedly. It's hard handling just the tragedies of life, it's hard when you're working on something and and you put everything you have in it and it doesn't work out. You lose your money and other people's money, it's hard. It was rough when you lost your job and you can't find another job. It's humiliating and embarrassing, borrowing money and then you couldn't pay the money back when you told them you would. That's rough, how people look at you, how they respond to you. It's very hard, it's humiliating.

Here's what I discovered that happens to your life that you will go through things and while you're going through them you can't understand why it's happening to you, but after you go through it you get back and you look at it and you say, "Now I understand why I needed that lesson."

Has that ever happened to you? You might not understand it then, but after going through it, then you see that, that was prepare you for bigger and better things. But as you go through the challenges of life, and you look at it and embrace whatever comes to you, don't run from it, step toward it, don't try to duck it like most people do. See most people want it easy. Easy come easy go, see but when you go at what you're going to deal with and you deal with the difficulties of it when you handle those hard things close at hand, making those hard decisions right now that you don't want to make, learning those things that you don't like to do but you know that in order for you to get where you want to go this is one of the hoops that you have to flip through. And I'm saying to you whatever you got to do, do it because if you don't life is going to knock you down until you surrender and say ok, I surrender, you've got me down for a long time now.

So if it's hard, then DO IT hard. How do you hang in there during the hard difficult times, you must have faith! You've got to believe in yourself, you've got to believe in your abilities, you've got to believe in your service, your company, your ideas, unquestionably. You've got to have faith and that faith gives you patience, that it's not going to happen as quickly as you want it to happen. A lot of things are going to happen that will catch you off guard and so therefore you've got to deal with and handle it as it comes, not only that, but that faith and patience drives you into action. You've got to keep moving and keep plugging away.


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